Cariad Eccleston

Hi there! I’m Cariad (carry-add)!

I’m a freelance DevOps engineer, and I work around the world from the seaside in Exmouth, UK.



DevOps is a culture and not a role, but bootstrapping your culture alone can be tough.

I'm an experienced Lead DevOps Engineer, building CI/CD, release, logging, monitoring and disaster recovery solutions for startups and megacorps alike with GitHub, GitLab and Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services

I design and build resilient, scaling, serverless and encrypted infrastructure as code via CloudFormation, Bash / AWS CLI and Python / boto3 for one-page static sites up to global financial platforms.


I don't just deploy platforms. I build them, too.

Experienced with Python, JavaScript, Go and C# in macOS, Linux and Windows. Passion about testing and seeing-through to production and beyond.

Creative consultancy

As a computing professional and science-fiction uber-geek, it's always a joy to help authors and other creative professionals speak with confidence and authenticity about technology; be it historic, modern or speculative.



March 2020

Lead DevOps Engineer

Freyda is an exciting cloud-native startup that develops secret-sauce machine-learning pipelines that help financial professionals interpret data in their documents.

I joined the team in their early years to:

  • Bootstrap the team's DevOps culture with CI/CD in GitLab.
  • Consult on the platform's Amazon Web Services architecture, including peered VPCs, API Gateway, RDS, Step Functions, SQS, Lambda and Fargate, all with appropriate IAM policies and secrets management.
  • Build and deploy the platform's architecture as infrastructure-as-code via Python, CloudFormation and Bash.
  • Develop, test and deploy Python backend functions.
February - March 2020
NHS Digital

Senior Software Engineer

NHS Digital is the information and technology partner to the NHS, including patient- and clinical staff-facing platforms.

I was hired for a short-term contract to migrated a life-critical SOAP service from C# .NET to C# .NET Core. While I was in there, I took personal responsibility for expanding the unit test suite and automating a swathe of the functional testing via Postman.

2005 - 2019
Thomson Reuters

DevOps Team Lead

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting manages a library of brands -- including the Digita Professional Suite and ONESOURCE which I contributed to -- to support financial professionals around the world.

  • Developed Windows desktop applications in C# .NET.
  • Developed web services in C# .NET and TypeScript / Node.js on Windows and Linux.
  • Led DevOps teams to develop Amazon Web Services architecture and infrastructure-as-code for local projects and the global Tax & Accounting business.